Fitster  an interactive Framework for Integrated Testing

How to run a Fit Test from within an Eclipse Java Project

Create a Java project:

Create a new Java Project in Eclipse as usual.

Create Java Project

Create or Import a FitDocument:

You can create a new FitDocument from scratch:

Creation Wizard

You can import existing FitDocuments into your project. Once the document is created/imported you can view it in the browser:

Browser View

Edit the FitDocument:

Open the FitDocument in the FitDocument Editor. The fit tests are presented in table form and the tables are fully editable.

Fit Document Editor

Create a New Fixture:

A Fixture is just a java class so just create a new java class within Eclipse as usual. Remember to add the Fit or FitLibrary jars to your project. [Note: Here we imported the source from Fit examples]

Fixure Source Editor

Run the Fit Tests:

Use the context menu and select 'Run All Fixtures'.

Just before running the test.

The test table will be updated with the results.

After the test are ran.

In the Works:

  • Running the fit documents in a folder.
  • Implementing the full table editing similar to a spreadsheet.
  • A standalone simplified version for test writing and running meant for non-programmers.
  • Integration to the Eclipse platform [Search, Build, Debug, etc.]
  • Suggestions that you may have.

Thank You:

I would like to thank the following:
  • Ward Cunningham for his vision, guidance and continual support.
  • Rick Mugridge for his insightful views about the project, pointing me in different directions and moral support.
  • The fit-dev group for the lively discussions and help.
  • Various persons on the Eclipse Foundation newsgroups for helping me decipher how to program Fitster.
  • My aunt, Noemi Masters, for letting me stay over and raid the fridge.